Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yet Another Violent Unprovoked Attack By muslims

Rabbi Uria Ohana
CBS Broadcasting reported a brutal physical attack last week on a Jewish Rabbi, Uria Ohana, by a group of young muslim men. The attack occurred inside the Park Slope subway station in New York City.

Ali Hussein, age 18, grabbed Ohana's yarmulke off of his head while they were inside a Park Slope subway station. Ohana says he “decided to chase him (Hussein) to get my yarmulke back.”

The Rabbi said as he ran back down the station's stairs, two of Hussein's friends got up from a bench, chased him and began beating him severely.

"They were screaming 'Allahu Akhbar’ (God is great) and punching my face," Ohana said.

Apparently the punk puke Hussein was hit by a car as he ran out onto Fourth Avenue. (this is the highlight of the event.)

CBS further reported that prosecutors haven't classified the incident as a bias crime yet.

Why not?

Oops, I forgot, the guys who beat Ohana are muslims, you know, the religion of peace, and they can’t be guilty of a hate crime. When have you ever heard of muslims being hateful and violent?
It’s not like they riot and burn cars in Europe or gang rape western non-islamic women in Australia, Norway, Sweden and other Western nations.