Thursday, September 22, 2005

So How Come…?

…liberals and America’s enemies are almost always on the same side?

…liberals are tolerant of ALL religions except Christianity?

…liberals say that global warming is a condition manufactured by greedy Republicans who love to pollute the “eco-system” with their gas hog SUV’s, but now Mars is showing signs of global warming too?

…liberals aren’t demanding that Communist China and India sign the Kyoto treaty?

…liberals aren’t demanding to know why there are fewer men in college today than women, and still fewer graduate? (Read the posting today by Debbie Schlussel, “Affirmative Action Needed for MEN on Campus”)

…liberals get mad and cry when you ask them to explain why abortion on demand for a 12 year old girl is okay with them, but it’s not okay for authorities to identify the babies father for possible prosecution?

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

As The World Turns

Hurricane Katrina destroyed the Gulf coast. New Orleans is underwater as are many other communities. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people are displaced. Thousands may be dead, thousands are injured or ill. An extraordinary catastrophe.

Last week I read articles from foreign news sources that self righteously pointed their fingers at America and Americans saying that we brought this on ourselves through our disregard for the Kyoto Treaty and environmental issues, especially global warming.

Fascist environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. wrote that the Governor of Mississippi was guilty of causing the hurricane because of the Governor didn’t share Kennedy’s extremist views.

No where in these articles did I read an offer of help to the suffering and displaced. I didn’t hear it from Kennedy either.