Friday, September 29, 2006

The Proof Is In The Pudding - Update

This is an update to a previous post regarding the burning of several Christian churches in Dutse, Nigeria last week.

Original reports were that ten churches were set afire during Muslim rioting. Muslims justified the violence and arson by claiming that a Christian girl had insulted the Muslim prophet Mohammed.

World Net Daily reported today that an investigation has uncovered the true damage done by the Muslim gang of rioters.

Muslims destroyed 18 Christian churches, 20 Christian owned homes and dozens of Christian shops in the Nigerian city of Dutse. The Christian group Voice of the Martyrs is reporting that the Muslim violence has displaced nearly 5,000 Christians, and at least 40 Christian shops were destroyed in the capital city of the state of Jigawa, Nigeria.

The Voice of the Martyrs investigation reported that the violence began;

"After an Islamic young man made several unsuccessful advances on Jummai, a female Christian, he angrily reacted by calling her a fake Christian who follows a 'useless Jesus. Jummai responded by telling the boy he followed a 'useless prophet – Muhammad'. Furious, the Muslim boy raised alarm through the town by proclaiming that a Christian lady blasphemed Muhammad. She was quickly taken to the local police station where she was kept in custody to diffuse the potentially volatile situation," the report said.

The report went on to say that after several hours, the Muslim man returned to the police station with a "militant band of friends" and incited them to attack police by claiming the woman wasn't being punished after her "insult" to Muhammad.

Nigerian officials said that the government ended up imposing a nighttime curfew and deploying soldiers in tanks and trucks to suppress further violence.

Voice of the Martyrs reported that a Christian man named Aderemi Ogunmola was beaten and slashed then doused with gasoline but was able to get away before he was set afire. Also, a Christian Pastor was trying to get away in his car, but was stopped by Muslims who burned his automobile as he escaped.

The Barnabas Fund, a Christian aid organization, said the rioting Muslims destroyed two-thirds of all Christian churches in the area. There were reports that even the state's governor himself was attacked when he tried to calm the mob.

The Barnabas Fund also reported that; "There have been attacks against Christians in the Palestinian territories, Somalia and Iraq."

Of course, all of this is rooted in Muslim reaction to Pope Benedict’s quoting of the 14th-century Byzantine emperor Manuel II Paleologus when he said;

“Show me just what Muhammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

Now, can someone explain to me how simply telling the truth, as Emperor Manuel II Paleologus did, justifies rioting, arson, and attempted murder?

The truth is what it is, and the truth is that Islam lusts for world domination.

Behold, The Religion of Peace.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Déjà vu, Muslim Rioting (again) During Ramadan

Muslims in Europe are at it again. Rioting, burning stuff, throwing rocks.

The Brussels Journal reports
that Muslim immigrants have rioted for the last three nights in a row in Brussels, supposedly over the death of twenty-five year old Fayçal Chaaban, in a Brussels prison last Sunday.

Muslims threw rocks at people and cars that were passing by. They smashed the windows out of parked cars, demolished bus shelters, set cars on fire, torched a youth club, and looted a shop. They threw two fire bombs into St. Peter’s hospital.

A Reuters news story reported that “All the rioters on Tuesday were of North African origin, the official said, adding that 30 people were arrested. The rioting was the worst since youths set fire to 15 vehicles across Belgium last year in violence which authorities said imitated unrest then going on in France.”

Oddly, no other news agencies seem to be reporting this situation but is tracking any news or lack thereof.

The Brussels Journal news story starts out with the statement; “It looks as if immigrant youths want to turn nightly rioting during the Islamic holy month of ramadan (sic) into an annual tradition” as this type of rioting also took place last year during Ramadan.

My understanding of Ramadan is that it’s the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, and Muslims should observe the Fast of Ramadan. They fast during the day and eat small meals in the evening. They also visit friends and family. It’s supposed to be a time of worship and contemplation, a time to strengthen family and community ties.

I guess nothing strengthens family ties better than rioting together. There’s nothing better to strengthen community ties than assaulting a stranger by throwing rocks and debris at him, or burning his car or house. Better yet, burn the hospital down.

Yeah! That’ll make your community love and appreciate you! It’ll convince unbelievers that your religion is better than theirs and they should submit. Or die.

This rioting is yet another example proving Pope Benedict’s comments were right on the money.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rest In Peace, Colonel Jeff Cooper

Colonel Jeff Cooper, May 10, 1920 - September 25, 2006

I never met the Colonel, I never knew him personally, I only know of him. His is the preeminent name in the world of firearms. I’ve read some of his writings, but now that he’s gone, I’ll probably read a lot more of them.

He was known as “The Father of the Modern Techniques of Shooting”.

Among his many writings, Colonel Cooper wrote a forty-four page book titled; Principles Of Personal Defense, in which he detailed his “seven principles”

  1. Alertness
  2. Decisiveness
  3. Aggressiveness
  4. Speed
  5. Coolness
  6. Ruthlessness
  7. Surprise

Colonel Cooper believed that the way to prevail against a violent attacker is to respond with an instant, violent counterattack. He said; "The perfect fight is one that is over before the loser really understands what is going on."

Colonel Jeff Cooper was a man’s man.

Colonel Cooper, May You Rest In Peace.

Monday, September 25, 2006

All These White People…The Story of O

Oprah Winfrey helped her friend Gayle King kick off her XM radio show called “Oprah & Friends”. I didn’t listen to the show, because as Debbie Schlussel has pointed out, Oprah sucks.

Oprah apparently talked about her poor beginning in Mississippi, and how her mother wanted O to get a job cleaning white people's houses, because the white folks might give away nice clothes.

Oprah pointed out that now that she's the great O, she has "all these white people" working for her.

Oprah Winfrey sounds pretty racist, wouldn’t you say? Oops, silly me, Oprah can’t be racist because she’s black and female.

She’s oppressed.

But then again, this is the same liberal dunce whose magazine, “O”, asked readers to “understand” the heart Mohammed Atta. You know, the leader of the Al-Qaeda cell of 9/11 hijackers who just happened to murder 3,000 Americans.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The American Hiroshima

Final preparations have been made for a major al-qaeda attack on the United States. The strike has been dubbed “The American Hiroshima”, and Muslims living in the United States should leave the country, there will be no further warning. The al-qaeda operatives who will launch this attack are waiting for final orders.

This attack will be the responsibility of Adnan el Shukrijumah, also known as "Jaffer Tayyer" or "Jafer the Pilot", a naturalized American citizen, raised in Brooklyn and educated in southern Florida.

This comes from Abu Dawood, a newly appointed commander of al-qaeda forces in Afghanistan. Dawood went on to say that the operatives are in place in cities throughout the United States, and many have assumed Christian names and are assuming the appearance of Christians.

The announcement from Abu Dawood was obtained by Hamid Mir, a journalist who has met with Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-qaeda’s number two, and Mullah Omar, leader of the Taliban.

Abu Dawood suggests the upcoming attack may involve a weapon of mass destruction smuggled across the Mexican border. Adnan el-Shukrijumah is a nuclear technician and a pilot who has been chosen by bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri to serve as the “field commander” for the next terrorist attack on America.

World Net Daily reports that el-Shukrijumah was last seen in Mexico, where on November 1, 2004 he hijacked a Piper PA Pawnee crop duster airplane from Ejido Queretaro near Mexicali to transport a nuclear weapon and nuclear equipment into the U.S. This information comes from Paul Williams, a former FBI consultant.

Dawood went on to say;

"We have a different plan for the next attack. You will see. Americans will hardly find out any Muslim names, after the next attack. Most of our brothers are living in Western countries, with Jewish and Christian names, with passports of Western countries. This time, someone with the name of Mohamed Atta will not attack inside America, it would be some David, Richard or Peter."

He also said to expect another audio message from bin Laden to be circulated within the next two weeks.

Friday, September 22, 2006

The Proof Is In The Pudding

As American politicians of both parties shift into higher gear for the upcoming 2006 elections and set the groundwork for national elections in 2008, Muslim rhetoric and action are also escalating to new heights of hate and intolerance and they are calling for more violence against Jews, Christians, and anyone who is American.

We’ve read about the comments Pope Benedict made regarding Islam when he quoted Byzantine emperor Manuel II Paleologus, who said; "Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

So tell me, what was incorrect about what he said? He merely quoted a truthful statement. The proof is in the pudding. The pudding is the insanely violent Muslim backlash at the Pope and Christians world wide.

Sixty-five year old Rosa Sgorbati, a Catholic nun also known as Sister Leonella, had lived and worked in both Kenya and Somalia for 38 years, was shot four times in the back by two cowardly Muslim gunmen in front of the hospital where she worked in that cesspool of Mogadishu, Somalia

In Nigeria, protesting Muslims torched and looted ten Christian churches belonging to different denominations in Dutse, Jigawa, because of an alleged insult of the prophet Mohammed. Of course what the Muslims won’t admit is that this started over an argument between Muslim and Christian youths, a Muslim insulted Jesus Christ, and a Christian retaliated. This triggered the arsonist rampage by the Muslims.

In Gaza, Sheik Abu Saqer, leader of Gaza's Jihadia Salafiya Islamic outreach movement said Christian leaders like Pope Benedict are "afraid" because they are going to hell unless they convert to Islam.

He also said;

"We did not need the words of the pope in order to understand that this is a Crusader war against Islam and it is our holy duty to fight all those who support the pope, who follow him and who did not condemn what this small racist had to say.”

"The day will soon come when the green flag of La Illah Illah Allah (There is no god but Allah) and Muhammad Rasul Allah (Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah) will be raised upon the Vatican and all around the world and on the fortresses of those who want to destroy Islam, because they know that this religion obliges them to face the truth that Islam is Allah's favorite religion. And until they join Islam, hell is their last station."

This last statement of Saqer says it all doesn’t it? The green flag of Islam will fly over the Vatican and all around the world.

That’s the Muslim dream.

Not the radical Muslim dream.

Not the terrorist Muslim dream.

Not the militant Muslim dream.

It’s the Muslim dream.

The Qur’an advocates violence against non-Muslims, and those Muslims who are not Muslim enough. Read it. The advocacy of violence is there from cover to cover.

The violence I mentioned above occurred in areas of the world already known to be violent. But the violence is taking place right here in America too.

How many times have you read about people getting run over by automobiles where the victims just happen to be Jewish and the perpetrator just happens to be a Muslim?

Or shootings where the victims also happen to be Jewish, and the shooter happens to be Muslim?

So when you consider who to vote for this Fall and in two years from now in 2008, consider this; is the person you’re voting for knowledgeable regarding national security?

Or, are they clueless?

Do they care about your security?

Or, are they careless?

The elections coming up are serious. Deadly serious.

The Muslim barbarians are inside the gates and living among us.

Hugo Chavez Is A Puke

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sean Penn & Albert Einstein; An Oxymoron

Sean Penn, America’s worst actor and unpleasant man(?) is “interested” in portraying Albert Einstein, one of the most intelligent men in history in an HBO movie. The echo of my belly laugh can be heard up and down the Rocky Mountain range.

Penn is the most butt ugly, hideous, revolting, repulsive, maladroit piece of shit I have ever seen.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

“It Is Always Someone Else’s Fault...Pope Benedict, Emperor Manuel II Palaeologus, & Mohammed Update

Regarding the comments of Pope Benedict on Islam and Mohammed;

"The violent reaction in many parts of the Islamic world justified one of Pope Benedict's main fears. They showed the link for many Islamists between religion and violence, their refusal to respond to criticism with rational arguments, but only with demonstrations, threats and actual violence.”

“It is always someone else’s fault, and issues touching on the nature of Islam are ignored,”

Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney

"We should take a deep breath on these things and all have a sense of proportion. We seem to be living in a world where people have no sense of proportion. OK, they don't like what was said. I'm sure the Pope was not intending to attack Islam. He's expressed his regrets, and I think we should really move on."

Prime Minister John Howard, Australia

Yarrrr...National Talk Like A Pirate Day

Yarrrr...Show your Pirattitude!
Celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

(Photo is from

Friday, September 15, 2006

Pope Benedict, Emperor Manuel II Palaeologus, & Mohammed

Muslims burned Pope Benedict XVI in effigy in Srinagar, India and other parts of the world in protest over part of a speech he made in Germany at the University of Regensburg on Tuesday, September 12th. In his speech, Pope Benedict XVI referred to a conversation between the “Byzantine emperor Manuel II Paleologus and an educated Persian on the subject of Christianity and Islam, and the truth of both.”

It seems that the dialogue between the two learned men dealt with the structures of faith contained in the Bible and in the Qur'an, and dealt especially with the image of God and of man, “while necessarily returning repeatedly to the relationship between - as they were called - three "Laws" or "rules of life": the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Qur'an.” The Pope went on to say that it was not his intention to discuss this question in his speech. He said that he wanted to address one point, which he described as “marginal to the dialogue as a whole.”

Pope Benedict referred to a conversation edited by Professor Theodore Khoury, where the Emperor Manuel II Palaeologus addressed the concept of holy war. The Pope felt that “The emperor must have known that surah 2, 256 reads: ‘There is no compulsion in religion’”, and that this surah is from the early period of Mohammed’s writings when he was without power. The Emperor was also familiar with surahs that were written later, dealing with holy war.

Emperor Manuel II Palaeologus then addressed the central question regarding the relationship between religion and violence in general. He said; "Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached”. The Emperor then clarified this charge by explaining that spreading the faith through violence is unreasonable, that violence is incompatible with the nature of God and the nature of the soul.

Emperor Manuel II Palaeologus went on to say; "God is not pleased by blood - and not acting reasonably is contrary to God's nature. Faith is born of the soul, not the body. Whoever would lead someone to faith needs the ability to speak well and to reason properly, without violence and threats... To convince a reasonable soul, one does not need a strong arm, or weapons of any kind, or any other means of threatening a person with death..."

Pope Benedict went on to tell his audience; “The decisive statement in this argument against violent conversion is this: not to act in accordance with reason is contrary to God's nature.” The Pope further explained that; “The editor, Theodore Khoury, observes: For the emperor, as a Byzantine shaped by Greek philosophy, this statement is self-evident. But for Muslim teaching, God is absolutely transcendent. His will is not bound up with any of our categories, even that of rationality. Here Khoury quotes a work of the noted French Islamist R. Arnaldez, who points out that Ibn Hazn went so far as to state that God is not bound even by his own word, and that nothing would oblige him to reveal the truth to us. Were it God's will, we would even have to practise idolatry.

So, you have the Pope speaking about a dialogue between two men in1391, both of whom I assume were well educated and well spoken. He simply quoted an Emperor who offered his own theological view of what is and isn’t acceptable to God.

In fact, in the Pope’s conclusion to his speech he said; “The intention here is not one of retrenchment or negative criticism, but of broadening our concept of reason and its application.”

It seems that Muslims around the world have taken exception to the Emperor’s point of view, and are holding the Pope responsible. And as a result, you have Muslims calling for Pope Benedict’s head. Literally.

Muslim reaction to the speech and their behavior at these protests just adds credence to the Emperor’s statement.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

9/11 - Five Years Later, Have You Forgotten?

"I don't believe this is a wonderful, peaceful religion. When you read the Koran and you read the verses from the Koran, it instructs the killing of the infidel, for those that are non-Muslim. It wasn't Methodists flying into those buildings, it wasn't Lutherans. It was an attack on this country by people of the Islamic faith.”
- Franklin Graham, Evangelist, on NBC News, November 16, 2001

“Those who hate us are in our midst, and lax immigration laws have made their entry easier. Politically correct federal law enforcement officials, civil rights proponents, and judges have all made ‘sensitivity’ to certain ethnicities the priority over security for all Americans. Those who share the same ideology, the same religious fervor, as the 9/11 hijackers are promoted as ‘peaceful’ in Hollywood, in Washington, and every other center of influence.”
-Debbie Schlussel, September 07, 2006

“We were put on notice that there are fanatics and tyrants who want nothing from us but our death. And this notice requires action: the action of the brave, the action of the un-thanked, the action of the free.”
-William J. Bennett, Secretary of Education

“This is not crime. This is war. One of the reasons there are terrorists out there capable and audacious enough to carry out the deadliest attack on the United States in its history is that, while they have declared war on us, we have in the past responded (with the exception of a few useless cruise missile attacks on empty tents in the desert) by issuing subpoenas.”
-Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post, September 12, 2001

“I sat down to write a thoughtful column on the tragedy that befell America yesterday, but it's simply not possible. I'm too damn angry. Angry at a group of faceless terrorists, angry at those people in the world who celebrate this American tragedy, and angry at my government for failing to protect its citizens. I pray the rest of America is as outraged over yesterday's events as I am, because public outrage is one of the few things that produces swift results in a democracy. Let's hope America rises like a tidal wave from its post-Cold War, dot-com-bubble induced slumber to recognize how defenseless we have allowed ourselves to become in an increasingly hostile world.”
- Tom Bevan,, September 12, 2001

“The pictures of airplanes flying into buildings, fires burning, huge structures collapsing, have filled us with disbelief, terrible sadness, and a quiet, unyielding anger.”
- President George W. Bush, September 11, 2001

“Evil cannot be ‘treated’ – nor should it be. Evil has to confronted and destroyed and it matters not why the evil is in play. Society has no obligation to try to rehabilitate evil. If a person commits acts that cause pain and destruction, that person must be dealt with harshly.”
- Bill O’Reilly, Fox News Analyst

“In the West Bank city of Nablus yesterday afternoon, the Associated Press reported, thousands of Palestinians greeted news of the slaughter in New York and Washington with an impromptu street party, cheering 'God is great' and distributing candy in a traditional form of celebration.”
- Michael Kelly, Washington Post, September 12, 2001

“September 11th cannot exist as a memory, but must live in our minds and hearts as an event that must shape our future. Our troops are fighting an unconventional enemy and must have our support through every avenue, from media to politics, in order to complete their mission and come home safe to us. Rekindle the fire in your heart for freedom and unite behind our leaders. Encourage their resolve to finish what we started and let's tell our enemies that they have not darkened our spirits, they have only made us stronger."
- Author Unknown (at least to me)

“Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened."
- Billy Graham, Evangelist

So, what now? Some folks say our government has responded well. It’s been five years since 9/11/01 and we haven’t been attacked again. Others say we’ve just been lucky. Maybe it’s a combination of both. I don’t believe our government has responded adequately. I don’t believe it’s just luck that we haven’t been hit again. In fact, I believe that we have been attacked but in lesser degree than on 9/11/01. I believe there are still plans for a big one, it’s either in the works, that is the planning stages, or, the Islamists are simply waiting patiently. As is their character.

There have been too many dry runs. Too many ‘odd’ incidents. Too many to be called coincidental.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

“Those Who Hate Us Are In Our Midst…

9/11: Five Years Later

“Those who hate us are in our midst, and lax immigration laws have made their entry easier. Politically correct federal law enforcement officials, civil rights proponents, and judges have all made "sensitivity" to certain ethnicities the priority over security for all Americans. Those who share the same ideology, the same religious fervor, as the 9/11 hijackers are promoted as "peaceful" in Hollywood, in Washington, and every other center of influence.”

Read the rest of this succinct posting by Debbie Schlussel

My own take:

In October of 2001, a few weeks after the Islamic 9/11 attacks on America, Franklin Graham of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, (BGEA) was asked in an interview to comment on Islam by an NBC reporter. Graham said that Islam is wicked, violent and not of the same god (as professed by Judaism and Christianity).

He went on to say that; "I don't believe this is a wonderful, peaceful religion. When you read the Koran and you read the verses from the Koran, it instructs the killing of the infidel, for those that are non-Muslim."

He also said, “It wasn't Methodists flying into those buildings, it wasn't Lutherans. It was an attack on this country by people of the Islamic faith."

Of course, he was roundly attacked because of what he said, even though he spoke the truth. Politically correct minded sycophants i.e., Michael Chertoff, Robert Mueller, and many elected politicians and military leaders will end up causing the death and destruction of innocent people because of the restraints imposed upon the real war fighters in our military and the dedicated intelligence agents in the field.

No, I don’t feel safer than five years ago, and we are not better off.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Keep On Movin' was caught with its pants down. Again. Supporters of have posted some outrageous things in the past, and has received a lot of criticism because of it. Yet, the web site’s supporters continue to demonstrate their own stupidity, ignorance, and bigotry.

Today, the Drudge Report, ( carried a news story from the New York Post reporting hateful, anti-Semitic comments about Senator Joe Lieberman posted on the Action Forum link of

Abraham Foxman, head of the Anti-Defamation League, sent a letter dated August 31, 2006 to that said in part;

"We recognize that Action Forum is an open forum intended to foster the free flow of ideas. Nevertheless, since such profoundly offensive content is appearing on a board clearly linked to, we believe you should assume some responsibility to respond to this hateful content.”

Foxman cited examples of the postings from the site's Action Forum, that included;

"media owning Jewish pigs," "Zionazis," references to Senator Joe Lieberman as "Jew Lieberman" and included the question, "Why are the Jews so Jew-y?"

This is actually quite typical of the type of language used and behavior demonstrated by supporters of and leftwing liberals in general. responded by posting (spelling and grammatical errors and all) an arrogant statement by Timothy L Hansen, Project Manager;

Action Forum

1. For those who claim MoveOn is anti-semitic (sic).

MoveOn removed the posts you are complaining about. Posts are removed in a periodic manner and as such an inappropriate post may be on the forum for a short while. When a post is made that contains something you find offensive, your should (sic) complain about the post and rate it low. You should not attack MoveOn, or the forum, because you find a post offensive. All kinds of people come here. Many are not members and not supportive of MoveOn. Comments which unfairly brand MoveOn or lie about MoveOn should and will be deleted, just as severly (sic) offensive comments should and will be deleted.

I understand you are upset that Lieberman lost the primary. The fact that MoveOn did not support Lieberman does not make MoveOn anti-semitic (sic). Accepting a political endorsement from Al Sharpton also does not make one anti-semitic (sic). People endorse, and accept endorsements, for all kinds of reasons.

- Timothy L Hansen, Project Manager (September 05, 2006; Berkeley, CA)

In their reply, uses the liberal tactic of crying foul when they are confronted with their bad behavior, and trying to shift the blame and responsibility over to non-members who are non-supportive of them.

Monday, September 04, 2006

There Is No Doubt…

In Amman, Jordan today, a man opened fire on a group of tourists. He shot and killed one British man, and wounded three other Brits, a Dutch national, a New Zealander and a Jordanian. As he was shooting, the shooter shouted Allahu Akbar, according to a witness. (Allahu Akbar means god is great in Arabic.)

According to witnesses, the gunmen fired at least 12 rounds before he emptied his pistol and was chased into a crowded downtown area before he was caught and arrested.

The Reuters story said that no group has claimed responsibility for the attack as of yet, and quoted Jordanian Interior Minister Eid al-Fayez, as saying;

"The Jordanian culprit is being interrogated and we don't know if he had any accomplices in this operation. There is no doubt that this is a terrorist act.” (emphasis added)

And in Canada, a masked man firebombed the Skver-Toldos Jewish Boys School over the weekend. The school is an Orthodox Jewish school in Outremont. reported that surveillance tapes show the bomber initially aimed his firebomb at the window of a classroom occupied by at least 12 teenage boys, 20 minutes earlier. Police have started an investigation but aren't calling the attack a hate crime at this time, according to Constable Benoit Couture, because the attacker didn't leave a written message or graffiti indicating a motive.
Doesn’t it strike you as a little odd that in Canada and the U.S., authorities bend over backwards to call attacks that are obviously Islamic terrorist in nature, anything but? While in the Muslim Arab nation of Jordan the Interior Minister demonstrates no such reluctance?