Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Choosing Sides: Arab Control of American Ports

The battle lines have been drawn, choose your side.

Governor George Pataki (R) of New York is against the sale, so are Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, and other Republican leaders as well as many Democratic party leaders. One notable Democrat who supports the sale is President Jimmy Carter. Now that is an endorsement that you want.

President George W. Bush is supporting, indeed, he is pushing, to allow the acquisition of the company - Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company, based in London, by Dubai Ports World which is owned by the government of Dubai, of the United Arab Emirates. This sale would transfer operational management, including security, of six major ports in the United States from a London (the Brits are our friends and allies) based company to an Arab Muslim government that had proven financial and operational ties to the 19 al Qaeda 9/11 hijacking cowards that killed 3000 Americans in the single greatest terrorist attack on America.

Remember 9/11? It was the largest death toll caused by an attack on Americans on American soil. Innocent American civilians who never saw it coming, never had a chance to defend themselves. And Dubai had a bloody hand in it. American blood.

And now, for the sake of a 6.8 billion dollar sale, President George W. Bush is saying “trust me on this”.
President Bush told a group of reporters on Air Force One;

"After careful review by our government, I believe the transaction ought to go forward. I want those who are questioning it to step up and explain why all of a sudden a Middle Eastern company is held to a different standard than a Great British company. I am trying to conduct foreign policy now by saying to the people of the world, `We'll treat you fairly.'"

Well, how is this for an explanation Mr. President? That “middle eastern company” is held to a different standard because the government that owns it provided a base of operations and financial support to Mohammad Atta, Khalid Almihdhar, Majed Moqed, Nawaf Alhazmi, Salem Alhazmi, Hani Hanjour, Satam M.A. Al Suqami, Waleed M. Alshehri, Wail M. Alshehri, Abdulaziz Alomari, Marwan Al-Shehhi, Fayez Rashid Ahmed Hassan Al Qadi Banihammad, Ahmed Alghamdi, Hamza Alghamdi, Mohand Alshehri, Saeed Alghamdi, Ahmed Ibrahim A. Al Haznawi, Ahmed Alnami, and Ziad Samir Jarrah.

Remember these guys Mr. President? They were the hijackers of the four airliners that crashed on September 11, 2001, into the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon, and in Stony Creek Township, Pennsylvania. That “middle eastern company” helped the 19 Arab Muslim psychotic lunatics carry out the attack. Shouldn’t that be reason enough to stop the sale? Isn’t that reason enough to hold Dubai Ports World to a different standard?

Mr. President you once announced to the world that in regards to terrorism, “you’re either with us or against us.” You warned the nations of the world that you would leave them no choice. They would have to choose to be on the side of the civilized world, or the side of the terrorists, in which case, they would be treated in the same manner as the terrorists.

With all due respect to you Mr. President, please explain what happened to your philosophy of zero tolerance for terrorism and its supporters?

Monday, February 20, 2006

Saudi Invasion

The U.S. has already been invaded by 10,000 Saudis. The Saudis are here on student visas, and there are currently 15,000 Saudi applicants to U.S. universities seeking undergraduate degrees just waiting for the okay to come into the United States.

Over the next 5 years, 25,000 Saudis are expected to arrive in (invade) America to take advantage of an agreement between President George W. Bush and King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, with their bills and tuition paid for by the Saudi government.

Our government tightened up on foreign student visas after the September 11th al Qaeda attacks, since several of the attackers entered the U.S. on student visas. Apparently the Bush administration has decided to relax this policy, at least for the Saudis. (Do you remember the Visa Express policy in which Visas were churned out by the State Department as long as the applicants applied through Saudi Arabia, no matter what their country of origin?)

This scholarship program has opened quietly, with no announcements from the White House or the Saudi Embassy. According to Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin, the White House Press Office has declined to comment on the program and Saudi embassy officials did not return phone call inquiries about the program.

25,000 is a lot of people to screen. I do not have confidence in the Department of Homeland Security. At the risk of stating the obvious, DHS has screwed up too many times. It’s common knowledge that Saudi Arabia is one of the leading sponsors of terrorism in the world. These 25,000 Saudi “students” along with the White House having no problem with Arab control (including security) of six major U. S. ports, and the apparent lack of White House concern over the border problems just adds to the sense of a total lack of security here in the homeland.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Arab Control of American Ports

New York. New Jersey. Baltimore. New Orleans. Miami. Philadelphia.

These six major American sea ports may soon be controlled by the Arab Muslim nation of Dubai, which is part of the United Arab Emirates. Remember the UAE? The UAE has a history as an operational and financial base for the murderous 9/11/01 hijackers who crashed fuel laden airliners into the twin towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, incinerating three thousand Americans in the single deadliest attack on American soil.

Remember? You haven’t forgotten, have you? You didn’t stop caring, did you?

Apparently President Bush and his administration either have forgotten, or stopped caring. They must have. Or they wouldn’t allow the sale. Of course, the sale involved 6.8 billion dollars. ($6,800,000,000) That’s a lot of money. Confused?

Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company based in London, is the world's fourth-largest ports company and runs commercial operations at shipping terminals in the American ports of New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, New Orleans, Miami, and Philadelphia. Well, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States which is run by the Treasury Department agreed unanimously to the sale of Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation to Dubai Ports World which is owned by the government of Dubai, of the United Arab Emirates. The UAE was a friend of Mohammad Atta and the other 18 Muslim hijackers who killed 3,000 Americans and sent our economy into a tailspin for so long.

But, have no fear, the Bush administration on Thursday, February 16, dismissed criticism about potential security risks of the sale. After all, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States reviewed an assessment from U.S. intelligence agencies. The committee's 12 members agreed unanimously the sale did not present any problems. Stewart Baker, an Assistant Secretary in the Department of Homeland Security, told the Associated Press.. “It is important to focus on this partner as opposed to just what part of the world they come from. We came to the conclusion that the transaction should not be halted.” (Emphasis added)

Even U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, Democrat from New York said; “Outsourcing the operations of our largest ports to a country with a dubious record on terrorism is a homeland security and commerce accident waiting to happen. The administration needs to take another look at this deal.” This is probably the first time I have ever agreed with Chuck Schumer.

(Two other articles worth reading on the subject are: Arab takeover of U.S. ports seen as security 'insanity' and McClellan: Port deal OK with Bush)

It would appear that the $6,800,000,000 involved in the sale is enough to make Bush forget a little, or at least care a little less about Dubai's duplicity in the 9/11/01 attacks.

Does this make you angry? It should. It should also make you a little afraid.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Russian Infidels

In a news story titled; Russia Warns U.S. Against Striking Iran, the Associated Press reported today that the chief of Russia's general staff, General Yuri Baluyevsky, warned the United States against attacking Iran. Baluyevsky was quoted as saying “A military scenario can't be ruled out.” The story however, never explained whose military might be involved in the “scenario”. I don’t believe he meant Russia’s, as their interest in Iran appears to be financial gain. It’s a little ridiculous to think that Russia would duke it out with America over Iran. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is nuts, and he is a terrorist. Russia knows that, and deals with him anyway. Money can be a powerful driver and Russia needs money.

General Baluyevsky also said that while Iran's military cannot compare to America’s, “it is hard to predict how the Muslim world will respond to the use of force against Iran. This may stir the whole world, and it is crucial to prevent anything like that.”

Of course, we already know how the Muslim world would respond. After all, we’re the “Great Satan”. There would be an increase in terrorism targeting America, Americans, and anyone who might be perceived as helping us. No surprises there.

Konstantin Kosachev, the head of the Russian foreign affairs committee criticized Ahmadinejad’s remarks in which he called for Israel to be wiped off the map and said that the Holocaust never happened.

“Such statements don't help strengthen Iran's international prestige,” Kosachev said.
Ya think?

An “anonymous” western diplomat said “Russia is probably the strongest instrument we have going right now in trying to influence Iranian behavior.”

I don’t know about that, but I do know that in the eyes of the terrorist, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Russia and Russians are infidels, just like the United States. When Russia is not longer valuable to Iran, then Russia will be threatened with Iranian fanatical terrorism just like America and the rest of Europe. You can’t deal with, or negotiate with a terrorist.

Abu Ghraib, So What?

Reuters reported on 15 February that the Australian network, SBS, broadcasted images of alleged abuse of what it says are prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. The news story said some of the photos are similar to the previously released pictures, “the latest photographs apparently reveal further abuse including new incidents of killing, torture, and sexual humiliation.”

It also said that some prisoners were killed when U.S. soldiers ran out of rubber bullets and started using live rounds to stop a riot at the prison.

Are you outraged? I’m not. I don’t care if terrorists are tortured or killed. The only way to deal with terrorists is to kill them. (A must read on why killing terrorists is the way to go, is the book by Colonel David Hunt, They Just Don’t Get it. In a couple of chapters, the good Colonel advocates killing the terrorists as you find them.)

I was outraged that people like Nicholas Burg and Daniel Pearl were tortured and killed, as both were beheaded and the beheadings were broadcast over the internet and middle-eastern television. Neither of these two men ever did anything wrong to Muslims. They didn’t deserve to be executed.

Were you outraged by the murders of Burg and Pearl? You should have been and if you weren’t, you should be ashamed.

Jackass Of The Day

Bryant Gumbel is offensively arrogant and I can’t for the life of me see anything that he has to be arrogant about. He acts and sounds like a moron. He has no class and demonstrates extremely poor taste in conducting an interview. And on top of all of his poor qualities, he acts and sounds like a racist.

In his closing monologue on the show, HBO Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel last week, he said:

“So try not to laugh when someone says these are the world’s greatest athletes, despite a paucity of blacks that makes the Winter Games look like a GOP convention.”

This statement demonstrates his obviously racist and bigoted view of white people.

Oh, and by the way, Gumbel is also a jackass.

Friday, February 10, 2006

If Not Now, When?

World Net Daily reports that the South Dakota House of Representatives passed a bill today that would criminalize all abortions except when the life of the mother is in danger. If the bill is passed as is, the penalty for performing illegal abortions would be a maximum of five years in prison. Some pro-life groups, including National Right to Life are against this bill saying that a similar previous bill was ineffective because of the health exception, which would still allow the abortion.

I have heard other anti-abortion activists say that it’s too soon to try to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Well, if not now, when?

Harry Reid's Hypocrisy

According to an Associated Press story, previously unreported billing records and other related correspondence show that over three years Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Democrat from Nevada, collected nearly $68,000 in political donations from Jack Abramoff's firm, lobbying partners and other clients.

Jack Abramoff has pleaded guilty to fraud and bribery charges and is helping prosecutors investigate the conduct of lawmakers, aides, and officials in the Presidents administration.

Reid's office acknowledged having routine contacts with Abramoff's lobbying partners. Reid has intervened on government matters in ways that are helpful to Abramoff's tribal clients. Reid has opposed legislation on the Senate floor that would have been detrimental to the clients and has sent four letters pressuring the Bush administration on certain tribal issues.

Reid collected donations around the time of each action.

An incestuous relationship also developed when Abramoff's firm hired one of Reid's top legislative aides as a lobbyist. The AP story reports that, “The aide later helped throw a fundraiser for Reid at Abramoff's firm that raised money from several of Abramoff's lobbying partners.”

Reid’s spokesman said none of the senator's actions were affected by donations or done for Abramoff.

So, I guess that Reid’s interventions and influence in these matters and the fact that money changed hands is just coincidental. Yeah, right.

Read the whole article, it’s interesting.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Political Correctness-Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Political correctness just baffles me. How insecure must someone be to riot over cartoons? It’s also been reported that gunmen in Gaza surrounded the local European Union (E.U.) office and threatened to kidnap citizens of countries where the cartoons have been published. As an Evangelical Christian, I have seen and heard more offensive speech and imagery than I care to count. I can express my offense verbally and in writing, maybe even asking others to boycott. But surely, to riot over it is truly absurd. We now have world leaders weighing in on the great cartoon conspiracy, including Ursula Plassnik, Foreign Minister of Austria, (Austria holds the rotating EU presidency) Kofi Annan, the United Nations Secretary-General, and the U.S. State Department. Shouldn’t world leaders concentrate on more important things, like, terrorism and terrorist violence?

Then, there is the insensitive customer at a Taco Bell restaurant in Connecticut. Apparently on December 18, 2005, a nineteen year old woman has been accused of using a racial epithet in frustration over slow service at the drive through window. She has been officially charged with: “ridicule on account of race, creed or color and second-degree breach of peace.” I can understand breach of peace if she interfered with the employee by pounding on the closed window, but a charge of ridicule? It seems a bit much.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Can We Talk?

In order for diplomacy to operate correctly, both sides of the discussion have to be rational and honest. If either side is irrational or dishonest, then obviously diplomacy won’t work.

When President George W. Bush decided that something had to be done about the Saddam Hussein government in Iraq trying to obtain Weapons of Mass Destruction, he directed then Secretary of State Colin Powell to take up the issue with the United Nations to seek a diplomatic solution. Mr. Powell did, and the U.N. of course, became bogged down in its own quagmire of ineffectiveness and Saddam Hussein continued his obstinate defiance of U.N. resolutions.

Now, the U.N. as an organization is a useless waste of effort, time, space, and money. But the President initially deferred action to it before turning out the lights of Saddam’s regime.

There was a backlash by liberal and left wing demagogues protesting the U.S. military response, who said we should’ve “established a dialogue” with Saddam.

Now we have Iran in defiance of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) requests for access to facilities in order to monitor nuclear activities. And we have the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, saying of the U.N. Security Council “They are like lions whose manes and fur have fallen off and cannot do a damn thing”.

Ahmadinejad has also called for the destruction of the state of Israel and denied the Jewish holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis in World War II. Yes, quite the rational diplomat is he.

Iranian officials have made overt threats to any nation (i.e., The United States and Great Britain) that says some type of action must be taken to prevent Iran from obtaining or manufacturing a nuclear bomb.

So how do you “establish a dialogue” with an irrational and dishonest government like Ahmadinejad’s?

Once Iran obtains or manufactures a nuclear bomb, the Axis of Evil member will be more of a danger to the world than it already is. Much like a punk with a gun is a danger to everyone around him. Once a punk has a gun, someone always ends up shot. The question is, who ends up in the bone yard?

You or the punk?