Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Dangerous Resolutions

U.S. Representative John Murtha isn’t necessarily a coward, but he may just be something worse. His recently defeated resolution calling for a quick pull out of all U.S. troops from Iraq, is just part of the same old song and dance of liberal Democrats, most of whom I do consider cowardly. The liberals in congress are just gearing up for the 2006 elections, and they need talking points. That’s all. Murtha probably knows that to boogey out of Iraq prematurely would be a huge military blunder. If Murtha doesn’t know that, then he really is as goofy as he sounds.

Cheney recently said in a speech to the American Enterprise Institute that Murtha is “a good man, a Marine, a patriot.” President Bush and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld have recently said similar things about the congressman. But why dance around the real issue? Murtha may indeed be a good man in some respects. He may be a Marine, because once a Marine, always a Marine, just ask one.

But right now, he isn’t acting patriotic. A patriot doesn’t undermine military folks involved in armed conflict. In his speech Vice President Cheney said: “Those who advocate a sudden withdrawal from Iraq should answer a few simple questions,” such as, would the United States be “better off or worse off” with terrorists such as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Osama bin Laden, or Ayman al-Zawahiri in control of Iraq? If we "cut and run" (the Democrats hate that phrase by the way), then all of the sacrifice of life, American, British, and Iraqi, will have been a waste. If we set a timetable for withdrawal, as Murtha would have us do, the terrorists would sense the fear motivating that move and would strike at our military folks a little more fiercely just to hurry along the appeasement policy of Murtha and others of his ilk.

Murtha has continued to defend his pusillanimous call to get out of Iraq, claiming he was reflecting sentiment held by most Americans. Sorry Johnny boy, you don’t represent anyone except dunderheads like Ted Kennedy, Jimmy Carter and other likeminded weasels.

And while Murtha himself may not be a coward, his resolution demonstrates an appearance of cowardice, and a lack of resolve. His words bring back memories of Mogadishu.

By continuing to keep this hullabaloo alive, Murtha and his cohorts provide constant attention and focus to the evil terrorists and their evil deeds. So, it can be argued that Murtha and his cronies are providing aid to the enemy by giving them constant media attention to their demands and providing a legitimization of their point of view. How is he legitimizing them? By making American policy appear to be evil, and this provides comfort and aid to the enemy. Murtha doesn’t seem to get it that the terrorists are the evil ones, not President Bush.


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