Friday, November 04, 2005

Rest In Peace Jimmy Chambers

World Net Daily ( has reported that Jimmy Chambers died on October 24, 2005. (See my post dated Thursday, October 20, titled: Jimmy Chambers Wants To Live)

Ms. Diana Lynne writes:

“Family members are investigating what they consider to be suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of a nursing home patient at the center of a life and death tug-of-war reminiscent of the Terri Schiavo tragedy.”

Mr. Chambers, 79, died after the tracheotomy tubes that deliver oxygen from a ventilator to a hole in his neck became unhooked. He was a resident at the Anne Maria Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in North Augusta, S.C.

His family was told that he apparently pulled the interlocking tubes apart, but his daughter, Deanna Potter, isn’t buying it.

She told World Net Daily:

“We're having it investigated. We're just incredulous. The last time I saw dad he was blowing me a kiss. I blew him one and he blew one back.”

WND reports that the nursing home administrator Marcy Drewry, has declined comment citing patient confidentiality.

The family was divided over whether or not Mr. Chambers chose to revoke a living will he signed in 1990.

You may want to think twice before signing a living will, or do not resuscitate order. When you’re at death’s door, you may feel differently.


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