Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Can You Say Obstructionism?

President Bush may be showing signs of repentant behavior. First, he’s started to sound tough on the horrendous border situation. Then, after Harriet Miers “withdrew” her name from consideration, Mr. Bush nominated Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr. for the SCOTUS.

But, we have déjà vu all over again. Vermont Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy, ranking minority member on the Judiciary Committee, called the nomination "needlessly provocative." Excuse me? Leahy is calling the action of a Republican President provocative? Indeed, the kettle is calling the skillet black.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Democrat from Nevada, expressed doubt that hearings could be held before the end of the year. When Tom Daschle was Minority Leader, this type of thinking was called obstructionism.

And the Democrats wonder why they are the minority party.


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