Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Draft Constitution Approved

I remember feeling a lump in my throat when Baghdad fell to coalition forces and I saw the crowd of Iraqis pulling down that statue of Saddam Hussein. I felt an even bigger lump in my throat when some 8 million Iraqis came out to vote in January. They came out for the whole world to see. Those purple stained fingers became their badge of courage. I find it hard to imagine going out on the street to walk to a voting station after the terrorists threatened the people with being shot, beheadings, and torture.

Well, the Iraqi people have taken another step towards changing their piece of the world when they voted 78.6 % for the draft constitution. (21.4 % voted against it) These percentages reflect the nationwide vote according to the Associated Press. To all the naysayers, you’re wrong again. The Iraqis want to be free, whether you like it or not. And they demonstrate it time after time, after time.


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