Friday, October 07, 2005

Mohamed ElBaradei - IAEA Win Nobel Peace Prize

According to an AP story today, Mohamed ElBaradei "has led the U.N. nuclear agency (IAEA) as it grappled with the crisis in Iraq and the ongoing efforts to prevent North Korea and Iran from acquiring nuclear arms." Huh? Excuse me, but America, Britain, Australia, and a few other nations, dethroned Saddam and prevented him from getting nuclear weapons. North Korea still has nukes, and Iran probably does too. The Nobel Peace Prize is a joke, and usually is awarded to jokes, like ElBaradei, the IAEA, and Kofi Anan.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So can I get an Nobel Prize for trying really hard in Chemistry class? Even if I don't know a acid from a base? Indeed, what a joke

9:08 AM  

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