Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Abortion Float Isn't Sinking Yet

Abortion is gruesome, legalized murder. Of course, the Femi-Fascists will tell you it’s a matter of choice. A woman’s choice. The father has no legal choice in whether his baby lives or dies. It all depends on what the mother feels like at the time. Life or death.

The pro-abortion extremists will tell you that government has no business in determining whether or not a woman can kill her unborn baby. Then why is it that local governments willingly involve themselves in the fight?

See the World Net Daily news story (Abortion float freaks out city's Halloween parade) http://worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=45538 about the upcoming halloween parade in York, Pennsylvania.

At issue is a float sponsored by Rev. Jim Grove of the Heritage Baptist Church in Loganville, Pennsylvania that has appeared in the City of York’s annual halloween parade. Apparently, in the past, the float has featured fake bloody fetuses and mutilated body parts emphasizing the grotesque and genocidal practice that is abortion, and the city has taken issue with this. This parade is celebrating a ghastly pagan holiday in which the grotesque is applauded, yet, the city is afraid that parade attendees will be offended by more gore? There is no logic in that argument.

Oh, yeah, we’re talking about thinking impaired leftist totalitarian liberals with a feminist bias.

Since the city cannot legally exclude the float (it lost a court case in the past attempting to stop the float) the city is seeking a private sponsor for the parade, which would of course have a say in whether or not the float can participate.

Why is the City of York is attempting to deny the civil rights of Jim Grove and the Heritage Baptist Church by proxy? Why is it that liberals will not protest the city government’s underhanded dirty attempt to prevent Grove and other Christians from expressing their deeply held beliefs? Liberals pride themselves in their tolerance. Just not in this particular case.

Oh, yeah, we’re talking about hypocritical, two-faced, fascist liberal extremists.


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