Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina Part 1

Please pray for all who are affected directly by Hurricane Katrina. We all need to prepare for the direct and indirect consequences of this terrible storm. Some of the consequences are obvious, some will be subtle. What America needs now is unity in this time of national emergency. We need to consider how we can all contribute to ease the pain and suffering of the folks affected.
What is not needed right now is the brainless drivel being dispensed by inbred idiots like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr who has blamed Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour for Hurricane Katrina. It seems that Governor Barbour doesn't share Kennedy's passionate concern regarding the dangers of global warming. So, the good Governor has apparently killed an undetermined number of human beings, caused a very dangerous health catastrophe, widespread chaos and looting all because he doesn't share Kennedy's baseless global warming extremist beliefs. Kennedy is simply part of the lunatic fringe.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, what's with these people anyway? Global warming caused Katrina? There were never ANY storms in the history of the Gulf Coast. Right. Never mind that at least on tropical storm (and often a lesser hurricane) hits somewhere around the Gulf Coast at least once a year. And, I thought that in the 70's we were all going to freeze to death... now we're going to fry? Note: If it was very cold in the 1970's, and now it is warmer now than then, did we not simply return to normal?

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