Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Two Fine Young Men

A couple of young men with the hearts of servants were asked to help a friend move out of his house. The friend lived with his mother in a rented home. The mother became ill and the son had to take her to the emergency room. The 2 young Christian men went over to the house to start moving stuff.
When they arrived and opened the door to the house, they were suddenly overwhelmed with a stew of stench. It was difficult to say which aroma was dominant. It could have been the ammonia smell of cat urine. After all, there were several cats walking around. Maybe it was the cat feces that seemed to be mashed into the carpet.
Of course, the tenants also had a couple of dogs that seemed pleased to urinate and defecate in the garage.
The two fine young men proved themselves to be very good friends of the house tenants as they stuck it out until the move was done.
How can anyone live that way?
How can anyone subject their friends to that kind of environment?
I believe it is a tribute indeed to the 2 young Christians with hearts of gold that they continued to help and serve.


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