Friday, October 21, 2005

The Hammer

According to today's headline at, "DeLay Smile May Foil Democrat Campaign Ads". is referring, of course, to Tom DeLay's mug shot.

They also report that: "Democrats nationally are already sounding as if they'll make DeLay the poster boy for bad Republican behavior in next year's elections, when every House seat and a third of those in the Senate are up for grabs."

The Dummocrats have always tried to project Mr. DeLay as the Republican Bad Boy. The Dums just don't get it. As usual. Tom DeLay is tough, and he'll pull through this with the same big confident smile that he always shows in times of adversity. Mr. DeLay gets a lot of things done, and that is one of the many things that drive his adversaries crazy. They just can't seem to stop him.

The also reported that: "In the 2004 elections, DeLay won 55 percent of the vote, a relatively weak showing for a veteran House leader."

Relatively weak? I don't think so. For all you Democrats, 55 percent is a clear majority. Get it? In a Democracy, a majority wins the election. But then, lately, Democrats have only been able to win in court with liberal judges. They sure as hell can't win elections.


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