Thursday, November 03, 2005

It Can Happen Here

Eight straight days of rioting. Twenty towns are now involved. The police and firefighters are being shot at. Car dealerships and public buses are being burned. Rocks are being thrown at commuter trains, and stopping them. 315 cars have been burned.

The President has appealed to the mobs for calm and restraint.

Is this Watts in the 1960’s? Is it Los Angeles after the Rodney King trial? Is it Toledo just a few weeks ago?

No. It’s suburban Paris in the last week.

I recall when French elitists called Americans ‘cowboys.’ I remember when the French press referred to President Ronald Reagan as the ‘cowboy in charge of the most powerful nation on earth’. I also remember when the elite of Europe slammed America for being violent and deadly.

Well, now we know that civil unrest can happen anywhere and is not exclusive to America. It happens over there too.

Jamey Keaten from the Associated Press reports: “Rather than feeling embraced as full and equal citizens, immigrants and their French-born children complain of police harassment and of being refused jobs, housing and opportunities.” Gee, with riotous behavior, I wonder why?

French lawmaker Philippe de Villiers who has been quoted as saying that he wants to "stop the Islamization of France," told a radio station that the problem is the "failure of a policy of massive and uncontrolled immigration."

Let’s hear that again, the problem is the "failure of a policy of massive and uncontrolled immigration."

Seems like we’ve heard that before here in America. Tom Tancredo, Republican Congressman from Colorado has been demonized for saying similar things.

Well, I believe that Philippe de Villiers is correct, so is Tom Tancredo. With massive, out of control immigration, the type of rioting and violence we see in Paris can happen here too.


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