Friday, November 11, 2005

Action & Reaction

How would you react if confronted by a person posing a physical threat?

In reality you only have three options. Would you:

A) Try to talk them out of harming you?

B) Pretend that it’s just not happening to you?

C) Defend yourself?

Choice A wouldn’t work. The person threatening you has already decided the action they want to take. They have decided to hurt or kill you.

Choice B wouldn’t work. Again, they have decided for you what’s going to happen to you.

Choice C is your only realistic option, your chances of surviving are much higher than A or B.

Now suppose you’re the leader of a free nation. How would you react if confronted by a terrorist organization threatening to attack your country from within? Your choices are still A, B, or C.

C is still your only realistic option.

Bullies are cowards, as are terrorists.

If you were not able to hear the Veterans Day speech by President Bush today, you should read it at National Review Online.


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