Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Can We Trust Judge Samuel Alito?

Can we trust Judge Samuel Alito, the President’s Supreme Court nominee? Apparently in 1985, he made a statement that in his opinion, there was no constitutional right to have an abortion.

Strong stuff. Nice stuff for an anti-abortion person to hear. But an Associated Press story today said that when asked about the statement by California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, the judge told her: “I was an advocate seeking a job, it was a political job and…I'm now a judge, I've been on the circuit court for 15 years and it's very different. I'm not an advocate, I don't give heed to my personal views, what I do is interpret the law.”

The same AP story says that Judge Alito also talked to Democratic Senator Jeff Bingaman from New Mexico, about the abortion statement. “He said it was 20 years ago,” Bingaman reported. Senator Bingaman also said that Alito has respect for the precedent set by the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, which established “abortion rights.”

Can you say backpedal?

If the good Judge’s statement to Feinstein is true, there goes my warm fuzzies concerning his nomination. I hope Judge Alito is truly the conservative judge that he was built up to be. I realize that the role and purpose of a judge is indeed to interpret the law, and not be an activist with the law. But that’s not the issue I have with the judge here. Keep in mind, there was nothing wrong with the judge’s statement from 1985. He expressed his opinion. I think he should stick to it and defend it as his. Don’t back away for political reasons.

I get a little concerned anytime anyone tries to dampen strong statements they have made in the past.


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