Friday, May 04, 2007

National Illegal Alien Day

The first day of May has become the new holiday in America, National Illegal Alien Day.

Illegal aliens and their supporters have forced Federal authorities into kowtowing to their whims and demands. And they did it without really lifting a finger.

How could this have been accomplished with so little effort on the part of illegals? The pro-illegal alien lobby simply had a pair of cards up their sleeve and played them.

The race card and the victim card.

(This image is from Alex Valentine’s Weblog

On May 1, 2007, a pro-illegal alien demonstration took place in Los Angeles, California. Demonstrators moved into the street, police officers attempted to move them back onto the sidewalk.

Then the mob turned ugly.

Several demonstrators began to throw rocks and bottles at the police officers.

The police began to push the demonstrators back with their batons, and continued to be assaulted by the illegals and their supporters. The police began to use rubber bullets to subdue the very violent demonstrators.

Rubber bullets will hurt like hell when they hit you, but they are an effective, less than lethal method of controlling someone who has become violent. There may have been a few rare instances in the past where someone may have been injured severely by them, but for the most part, rubber bullets simply knock the fight out of you. Yes, they leave bruises and welts, but they’re certainly better than the lead alternative.

The news coverage I saw showed a lot of footage of the police pushing demonstrators with batons, and shirtless demonstrators showing their injuries from the rubber bullets. I saw very little footage of the demonstrators throwing rocks, bottles and assorted missiles at the police.

So of course, the news images made for a lot of drama, and painted the illegals and their supporters as victims, and the police as racist storm troopers.

When you throw a glass bottle or a rock at someone, it becomes a deadly weapon. It can kill, severely injure, or maim someone. When you throw it, your intent is inflict great bodily injury, or possibly to kill your target.

When you demonstrate that kind of potentially deadly intent, that kind of disregard for human safety, you become a dangerous threat. Some people would be inclined to respond to your threat with lethal force. The Los Angeles police did not respond with lethal force.

If those illegal aliens and their supporters had attacked police officers in Mexico City instead of Los Angeles, the bullets would not have been rubber; they probably would have been full metal jacketed lead.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa cut short an official visit to Mexico and said to the Mexican news network Televisa; "I've decided to go back because I think it is necessary to make sure people know everything is in order and we will conduct a thorough and transparent investigation," he went on to say; "I was very disturbed by what I saw."

In one swoop, Villaraigosa publicly cut the legs out from under his police force and accused them of brutality. He didn’t say so in exactly those words, but his meaning was clear. He will support Mexican nationals who are here illegally, but not his own countrymen.

To rub salt in the wound, the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced on Thursday, May 3, that it is going to open a civil rights inquiry into the conduct of the police to determine "whether the civil rights of protesters taking part in the May 1st immigration rally were violated."

Random Thought: Why is the FBI so willing to investigate these police officers but always so reluctant to investigate radical mosques and radical muslims?


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