Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Symbol Of The Palestinians


Barack “Osama” Obama told a group of Iowa Democrats that "Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people,” because of stalled peace efforts with Israel. Obama also told the Democrat party activists that he supports “relaxing restrictions” on aid to the Palestinian people.

He said there’s no doubt that the United States has a “huge strategic stake in bringing about a peaceful resolution to the conflict.”

But I remember when we, the United States, assisted in developing a resolution where the Palestinians would receive 95 per cent of what they asked for. Then, true to form, the Palestinians stabbed Israel in the back, and increased their terrorist attacks.

Fact is, until the Palestinians, and the rest of the Muslim world recognizes Israel as a sovereign nation deserving of security and freedom from terrorism, their woes will continue. The problem of course, is that Hamas is such a powerful political force in the Palestinian government.

Hamas controls the Palestinian Authority and doesn’t recognize Israel’s sovereignty nor does it recognize Israel’s right to exist. The United States and many other countries have declared Hamas to be a terrorist organization. The United States imposed restrictions on aid to Palestinians when they elected Hamas to power.

Sorry, Barack, but the Palestinians are the very ones who voted Hamas into power.

The old adage, “you get the government you deserve” rings true here, as it was the Palestinians themselves who elected the terrorists into power. Things can only start to get better for the Palestinians when they suck it up, and start demonstrating responsibility for themselves.

They can begin by building a real government.


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