Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Global War On Terror Is Just A “Colloquialism”

The website reported today that;

“The House Armed Services Committee is banishing the global war on terror from the 2008 defense budget.”

According to the website, a memo issued by the congressional committee staff on March 27th, the 2008 budget bill and its explanatory report will “set defense policy and should be specific about military operations and ‘avoid using colloquialisms.’”

The Global War On Terror, (GWOT) should not be used the memo says. The phrase was first coined by President George W. Bush shortly after the 9/11/01 attacks on America.

The memo would also ban the phrase the “long war,” a phrase that military officials started using last year as a way of acknowledging that military operations against terrorist states and organizations would last for years, probably decades.

Staff Director Erin Conaton provided examples of “acceptable phrases” such as; “the war in Iraq,” the “war in Afghanistan, “operations in the Horn of Africa” or “ongoing military operations throughout the world.”

A Democratic aide who asked not to be identified, said; “There was no political intent in doing this we were just trying to avoid catch phrases.”

So the Democrats want to replace what they call “catch phrases” with other catch phrases, but they’re not being political?

Change “Global War On Terror” into “Ongoing Military Operation Through Out The World?”

They don’t quite say the same thing. What’s missing from the Democrats language is the word Terror.

The Democrats are scared that Muslims are angry over the word Terror, and the dimwit party of Kennedy, Edwards, Clinton, Pelosi, and Osama Obama just want to appease the barbaric and primitive culture of Islam.

One definite effect of changing the name of the GWOT will be the invalidation of the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medals both of which were established in 2003 for military personnel involved, directly and indirectly, in GWOT military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world.

Republicans in congress can be just as timid in using the word terror or any of its variations. After all, Robert Mueller, Director of the F.B.I. refuses to say the words Islamic, and terrorist, in the same sentence.


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