Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bye-Bye Gary Goodbye

After 7 controversial years of couching football at the University of Colorado, Gary Barnett’s contract will not be renewed. So what took so long?
There are so many allegations of misdeeds and misconduct that it’s incredible that CU hung on to him for so many years.
According to the Rocky Mountain News, there are charges of financial improprieties, a recruiting scandal, a grand jury probe and federal lawsuits. Needless to say, the school's reputation is shot. The newspaper also reported that among the allegations:

1. Barnett attempted to influence the testimony of others who gave depositions in the civil lawsuits and before the state grand jury.

2. Barnett failed to take any action against some football players suspected of inappropriate behavior, including an instance in which he failed to discipline a player who was the subject of a criminal sexual-assault investigation.

3. Barnett told others that every effort was to be made to protect one of the players who’s accused of being involved in the Dec. 7, 2001, party that spawned the scandal and federal lawsuits.

4. NCAA violations occurred during Barnett's tenure at CU, running the gamut from a charge that the Buffaloes sometimes used 10 coaches on the sideline instead of the nine that are allowed to assertions players were tipped off, well in advance, of the days when they would be subjected to what were supposed to be random drug tests. The letter also accused Barnett's recruiting program of hosting extravagant meals and taking prospects and players to clubs that served alcohol.

See ya pal, you won’t be missed.


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