Monday, July 16, 2007

Free College For Illegal Aliens

Have you ever noticed the sense of entitlement that so many illegal aliens have? The arrogant, in your face attitude they display when they’ve participated in pro-illegal alien demonstrations?

Did you ever wonder where that sense of entitlement comes from?

Well, it seems they feel entitled to protest, demonstrate and demand a slice of the American dream even though they’re here illegally, because of Government entities such as the Poudre School District in the State of Colorado, and the University of New Mexico.

According to The Coloradoan in Fort Collins, Colorado, Poudre High School counselor Isabel Thacker, has found a way to play the system, via a loop hole, that allows ILLEGAL aliens to attend college at the University of New Mexico, (UNM) through a program that Thacker helped to develop. The news report says that “In most states, such an opportunity for undocumented students is not available.”

Umm, why would an illegal alien presume that educational opportunities should be available to them? Just a thought.

In 2005, the State of New Mexico passed a bill that prohibited the state from denying education benefits based on a student’s immigration status, according to Terry Babbitt, director of admissions for the University of New Mexico.

Babbitt said "We have to offer state financial aid to any student, regardless of their immigration status." However, New Mexico's state financial aid is intended for residents only.

So why can illegals go to college, many times without having to pay for tuition and books? Well, a loophole in UNM's residency requirements allows the illegal alien students from Fort Collins to receive in-state tuition in New Mexico as well as an institutional scholarship that covers the entire cost of their tuition.

According to Alex Gonzalez, associate director of the scholarship office at UNM; "Students can enroll for up to six credit hours and get the in-state rate (at UNM). They can then go across the street to Central New Mexico Community College and enroll for another six hours and continue to pay the UNM in-state tuition rate. They then are counted as full-time UNM students."

Four illegals attended UNM through the program last year. This year, nine illegals from Poudre High and one from Fort Collins High School will attend UNM through this program.

Poudre High School counselor Isabel Thacker, said "Before this, there were no options, like anything, you have to know how the system works."

Yeah, work that system for all it’s worth!

A full year of tuition at UNM, at 12 credit hours per semester for in-state students equals $4,570.80, Gonzalez said.

But it gets better, through an institutional scholarship made available to the illegals, $5,000 of their tuition and book expenses can be covered. This means that the illegals from Poudre School District have to only pay a fraction of their book costs and their living expenses out-of-pocket.

Sweet deal, eh?

The illegals from Poudre District can’t ride the gravy train in Colorado because a bill passed during a special Legislative session last year prohibits Colorado from providing public benefits, including in-state tuition, which is subsidized by state taxpayers, to illegal aliens.

Illegals are allowed in to Colorado colleges, but, they have to pay out of state tuition at state schools. Sandy Calhoun, director of student financial services at Colorado State University said; "They are allowed into the institution. But in essence, it essentially precludes them from attending college unless they have significant resources of their own."

There is no such thing as a free lunch, and there is no such thing as free tuition, SOMEONE has to pay for it, usually the taxpayers.


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