Wednesday, November 01, 2006

John Kerry Is SO Sorry!

This Photo is from the New York Post web page.
G.I.’s in Iraq respond to John Kerry’s idiotic comments.

This photo is from

"You remember John Kerry, the senator who voted for the $87 billion before he voted against it - the guy that was always lecturing us about nuances."

"Of course, now Sen. Kerry says he was just making a joke, and he botched it up. I guess we didn't get the nuance. He was for the joke before he was against it."

Vice President Dick Cheney at a Montana GOP rally.

So now John Kerry petulantly said he’s sorry.

He belatedly apologized to our sons and daughters in harms way in Iraq, but only after receiving pressure and condemnation from a lot of folks in America, including other Democrats like Hillary Clinton, they couldn’t distance themselves from him fast enough.

Yup, when you hang around a piece of bullcrap like Kerry, the stink starts to stick.

Well Senator Kerry, I have to agree with you.

You are indeed sorry.


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