Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Protect Petitions - Vote for Colorado Amendment 38

Citizens for Petition Rights (www.PRA2006.com)

P.O. Box 1776, Arvada, Colorado 80001
Douglas Campbell, Chairman
E-mail: info@PRA2006.com
Phone (303) 753-5050

Volunteers wanted

THE PROBLEM: Government hostility to petitions

* Imposing lengthy, complex, arbitrary barriers to petitions.

* Outlawing petitions to most local governments.

* Declaring nearly all new laws “emergencies,” to unfairly block citizen challenges to bad laws.

* Abusing petty technicalities to reject petitions.

Wasting tax dollars to oppose petitions.

THE SOLUTION: The Petition Rights Amendment

* Provides one page of simple, uniform, clear petition rules.

* Allows citizens to petition all local governments.

* Limits the new laws exempt from possible petition.

* Simplifies the petition signature review process.

* Stops misuse of public resources on petition campaigns.

Protect Petitions - Vote for Colorado Amendment 38

* Politicians fear petitions, especially those that limit their political power. However, petitions are a safety valve to correct abuses. If politicians act foolishly, or refuse to act, we must be able to protect our freedoms, families, finances, and futures. The right to petition is so important that the Founding Fathers listed it in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

* The Petition Rights Amendment trims ballot titles to reduce “legalese” that confuses voters. PRA shortens lawsuits that petition opponents file over phony “single-subject” disputes. PRA limits petition elections to November only. PRA protects the petition process.

Politicians may try to restrict our rights. We the People must support PRA to guarantee our constitutional rights to petition for our right to vote on needed reforms. We must save traditional "checks and Balances" and other American principles of limited government.

November 7, 2006- Official Ballot Title of Amendment 38

Shall there be an amendment to the Colorado constitution concerning initiative and referendum petitions, and, in connection therewith, changing petition rights and procedures; allowing petitions to be submitted at all levels of Colorado government; limiting initiative ballot titles to 75 words; changing single- subject requirements and procedures; limiting the annual number of new laws that governments may exclude from possible referendum petitions; establishing standards for review of filed petitions; specifying that petitions may be voted on at any November election; limiting the use of government resources to discuss a petition; requiring voter approval for future petition laws and rules and for changes to certain voter-approved petitions; and authorizing measures to enforce the amendment?



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