Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bill Ritter's Policies Are Very Scary


Bill Ritter's Policies are Very Scary… For Colorado Families & Business

10. DUCK HUNTER DETOUR: Bill Ritter supported Denver's gun confiscation policies, which allowed officials to take hunting rifles from law-abiding sportsmen simply for traveling through the City and County of Denver.

9. CONFUSED: Bill Ritter both supported and opposed, in a 36-hour period, redefining marriage as between one man and one woman.

8. INSTEAD OF MILKING COWS: Bill Ritter's background is one bent on bilking taxpayers; Ritter increased his own budget 72% during his time as Denver D.A.

7. A FOOT IN BOTH BUCKETS: Bill Ritter is a "pro- life" Catholic in some circles, but has committed to provide taxpayer funding for the special interest abortion providers.

6. TONGUE-TIED: Allowing alien felons back on the street after plea-bargaining them down to an obscure charge of farmland trespassing in the City and County of Denver is, in Ritter's own words, "a difficult thing to explain to the public."

5. KEEP YOUR HEAD ON A SWIVEL: "(Ritter) refuses to pull the drunk drivers off the road, as a result, dozens of dangerous drivers are put back on the road every day..." said former Denver prosecutor Craig Silverman.

4. FROM PARIS TO PAONIA, WHAT A BARGAIN: Bill Ritter believes that illegal aliens should receive the same in-state tuition benefits that Coloradans do to attend Colorado colleges.

3. TRUE INTENTIONS: When asked why he would plea-bargain with criminal aliens when the law mandates deportation, instead offering a plea deal for 'farmland trespassing', Ritter responded "Yes, it helped them avoid deportation."

2. WHAT'S A LITTLE MANDATE BETWEEN FRIENDS? Despite fierce opposition from the business community, Bill Ritter supports new mandates on workers comp and new healthcare mandates on employers.

1. A BILLION HERE, A BILLION THERE, PRETTY SOON WE'RE TALKING REAL MONEY: When asked whether the estimated excess $1 billion in tax dollars that Referendum C could produce should be spent by government or returned to taxpayers, Ritter snapped, "We need the money, we need to spend it!"


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