Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What Will It Take?

What Will It Take?

A Northwest Airlines DC-10 was diverted and escorted to the Amsterdam airport by F-16 fighter planes in yet another “incident” of airline passengers suspiciously behaving like terrorists about to do something. Northwest Airlines Flight 42 was headed to Mumbai, India. Twelve passengers were arrested by Dutch authorities. Though a Police spokesman, Rob Staenacker said he could not disclose the nationalities of the people arrested, an American passenger on the airliner said they appeared to be South Asian. (Muslim, maybe?) The twelve passengers were observed by crew members of the plane and air marshals attempting to use cell phones and passing cell phones among themselves while the plane was taking off, according to an anonymous U.S. official.

A Reuters account said the 12 will be interrogated by Dutch police.

But the “escort” of the Northwest plane back to Amsterdam and the suspicious behavior of the twelve passengers still did not lead to a heightening of security at Schiphol, Europe’s 4th busiest passenger hub.

On Monday, August 21, a Debbie Schlussel post pointed out that the F.B.I. downplayed the suspicious and disruptive behavior of a passenger aboard a Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta, Georgia to San Antonio, Texas.

The Associated Press reported;

“A passenger who was detained after flight attendants said he tampered with a bathroom smoke detector wasn't arrested because he was determined through searches and interviews to be "not suspicious at all," the FBI said Sunday.”

According to FBI spokesman Erik Vasys "He (the passenger) was cooperative during the interview". Delta Flight attendants reported he had been disruptive in the bathroom and had spent an extended amount of time in the lavatory, authorities also said ceiling tiles had been moved. Vasys also said that it appeared someone tried to disconnect the smoke detector.

Vasys went on to say; "It wound up being the flight attendant's word against a passenger's, and this guy turned out to be not suspicious at all."

Sooo, the F.B.I. takes the word of a passenger who just happens to be acting strangely and suspiciously, over the word of the flight crew who have been trained to recognize suspicious behavior.


Then on August 17, 2006, Debbie also wrote about airline passenger Catherine Mayo, the woman responsible for the diverting of a London to Washington flight which was diverted to Boston because of the Mayo’s behavior. Her behavior included passing several notes to crew members, urinating on the cabin floor and making comments that the crew believed were references to al-Qaida and the 9-11 attacks. It also turns out that Mayo has traveled to Pakistan often, and has a close friend in that nation who is on the no fly list, and not allowed into the United States. Federal agents have also said that Mayo tried to “draw out” the Federal Air Marshal on board the plane. She also smuggled banned items into the airplane in her bag. She also talked about “building a device.”

Sounds like yet another terrorist dry run, testing airline security. And of course the feds are downplaying this incident as the antics of a severely claustrophobic woman.

I don’t think so.

What will it take to get the fed to talk about this stuff seriously?

9-11 part two?


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