Monday, July 10, 2006

Gracias Manuel

A red Ford F-150 pick up truck with a dark haired man wearing a white cowboy hat traveling along a highway stops because a tree has fallen and blocked the lanes of the road. The F-150 goes off-road around the tree. A convertible is traveling on the same highway and comes to a stop because of the fallen tree. The man in the red Ford F-150 pick up comes back and attaches a chain to the tree and pulls it off the road to allow the convertible to continue.

The pretty dark haired woman sitting in the passenger seat of the convertible smiles and says to the man in the pick up; “Gracias Manuel.” He tips his hat to her and drives off. The woman’s companion says; “You know him?” “He’s my ex-boyfriend.” She answers.

This ford commercial is a not so subtle pandering to the market of illegal Mexican immigrants in the U.S. How do I know this? Simple. In my home city, we have a large population of Mexican illegals and many of them wear western style shirts, Wrangler boot cut jeans, cowboy boots and white cowboy hats. It’s almost a uniform. They look very much like Manuel. They tend to drive pick ups, largely F-150’s. In many cases, new or mostly new F-150’s. (This fact tends to disprove the claim that Mexican illegals do the low paying work that Americans won’t do. In fact, many illegals work at well paying construction or trade jobs, they just work for a little less than Americans, thus, undercutting American workers. They still will make several dollars above minimum wage.)

I also saw a television news story over the weekend reporting that the Centers for Disease Control have now recommended that children in ALL states receive the vaccination to prevent Hepatitis A. Up until recently, Hepatitis A was considered a third world disease and only in the border states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California along with the west coastal states of Oregon and Washington were the vaccinations recommended.

Now all states are considered at risk and the reason given was because of the high influx of Mexican illegals who have come across the border.

But apparently Ford doesn’t mind joining the pro-illegal immigrant lobby’s pandering to an illegal immigrant market.

So Manuel will bring his third world diseases across the border but it’s okay because he just might buy a Ford F-150 pick up truck.

Gee, gracias Manuel.


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