Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Oil For Weapons Program

President Hugo Chavez wants Venezuela to become a major power in the world or at least the western hemisphere. Chavez is meeting and scheming with various thugs around the world. He’s scheduled to meet with North Korea’s Kim Jong-Il later this month, where he wants to make a deal of trading oil for weapons.

World Net Daily reports that “analysts in Seoul say Kim and Chavez would mainly discuss forming a ‘strategic alliance’ against the United States.”

Venezuela has already established a diplomatic presence in North Korea, and North Korea is set to establish its embassy in Venezuela in “the near future”. Chavez has been busy trying to make alliances with countries like Cuba and Iran, as well as North Korea. Notice that two of these three nations are the remaining members of the axis of evil.

Chavez wants to build up his military, and since Venezuela is the 5th largest oil-rich country in the world, he certainly has the means to do it.

Chavez will probably offer oil to North Korea, which has had energy shortages since the U.S. stopped supplying oil to that country. The U.S. stopped the supply after North Korea admitted it was developing nuclear weapons. And in return, North Korea can offer weapons and missiles to Venezuela.

Do you recall when Pat Robertson of the 700 club caught a lot of heat when he said of Hugo Chavez; that we should “take him out”?

Hmm, maybe Pat Robertson had something there.


Blogger MonicaR said...

He may have had something there - but I really hate to admit it.

Apparently the missile that NK tested (the dud) was aimed at Hawaii. How long do you think it will be until we just thump that crazy Kim I'm Ill?

8:10 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

It wouldn't surprise me a bit if KJI and HC have an alliance. Iran has discussed an alliance with Chavez as well. Chavez is a tin pot Marxist, but the left wing media paint him as some kind of hero. Its enough to make you sick.

4:30 AM  

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