Thursday, January 26, 2006

"You Have To Protect Your Children"

Kudos to Dave F. Swafford, 42, who punched out a 35-year-old aide in front of a class full of students at Lakewood Ranch High School in Florida, after Mr. Swafford’s daughter and other female students came forward to report that the teachers assistant engaged in inappropriate touching and conduct.
“I'm not real proud of what I did. You have to protect your children, and my daughter does not lie to me.” Mr. Swafford told The Associated Press.
Mr. Swafford said he came to the school to meet with officials about the allegations. After he saw that the aide was not in the meeting, he asked his daughter to take him to the classroom. An argument between the two men became heated, and the father said; “I lost control.” Mr. Swafford was arrested and spent 10 hours in jail but was released after posting bond. Mr. Swafford said; “I wanted to know why the guy was in a classroom teaching after my daughter came forward.”
Why, indeed?
“If some other parents would do this, maybe some of these pedophiles would crawl back under rocks where they belong,” Mr. Swafford said.
Mr. Swafford was named Father of the Year by a local radio station for his actions.


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