Thursday, January 12, 2006

What Would Mary Jo Kopechne Say?

Democrats have slammed Samuel Alito for his affiliation with the club Concerned Alumni of Princeton. (CAP) The Democrats claim the group is racist and sexist for its early opposition to the Princeton co-ed program.

Senator Ted Kennedy was very vocal during Alito’s confirmation hearing about the judge’s affiliation with CAP.

But Teddy, thou doest protest too much.

Just how pro-women is Ted “Killer” Kennedy? According to The Drudge Report, he belonged to The Owl, an exclusively male social club at Harvard University. Drudge reported that the organization refused to admit women until it was forced to during the 1980s.

Laura Capps, a Kennedy spokeswoman said that no one can question Kennedy’s commitment to equality, justice and civil rights. She also said that The Owl was a social club, and not a radical group “pushing a radical agenda.” She went on to say that even though women were admitted to Harvard during Kennedy’s time there, women weren’t fully integrated to the campus until much later. So that makes it okay, after all, Teddy is a liberal.

It’s okay for liberals to belong to exclusive, elitist social clubs. But it’s not okay for a conservative to do so. This is another fine example of the pretzel logic of liberals.

Teddy can’t be a misogynist because he’s a liberal.

Gee, I wonder what Mary Jo Kopechne would have to say about that. Oh yeah, she can’t say anything, she’s dead. She died in Chappaquiddick, Massachusetts. She drowned in Teddy’s car when he was driving while drunk and drove off a bridge and into a pond.

Kennedy managed to get out of the submerged car, but he left the scene and did not report the incident or where Mary Jo Kopechne was. The next day Kennedy's car was discovered in the pond, and Mary Jo’s body was recovered.

“Killer” Kennedy pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident after causing injury, but several details of Mary Jo Kopechne's death remain unknown.

I guess it’s okay for rich liberals to drunkenly allow women to drown in a submerged car and then it’s okay to abandon them.


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