Friday, January 30, 2009

Pastor's Day at the Capitol - March 13, 2009

Colorado Legislative Update

January 30, 2009

• HB 1163 - Protect Children from Internet Predators
• SB 88 - Same-Sex Partner Health Benefits
• SB 68 - Increased Fee for Marriage License

Click here to view the opinions of the Rocky Mountain Family Council on these 3 issues

Pastor's Day at the Capitol - March 13 Featuring: David Barton, WallBuilders

Pastor's Day at the Capitol is for pastors, their spouses, and lay leaders to dig deep into the role churches and church leaders can and should play in the public square. This is an opportunity for church leaders to engage in a public discussion of many state issues which interface with churches and other religious institutions. It will be a time of encouragement and challenge.

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