Friday, September 12, 2008

Islamic Ugliness At Swift’s Meat Packing Plant

On Friday, September 5, 2008, 220 to 300 Muslim workers left production lines at the JBS-owned Swift meatpacking plant in Greeley, Colorado.

The walk out was allegedly in protest of plant management's refusal to let muslims take “prayer breaks” in accordance with islamic tradition.

The muslim workers, mostly Somalis, walked off the job mid-shift, about 9:30 p.m. They claim they were told by management they could not take a break at 7:30 p.m., when their 12 hours of daily fasting for Ramadan ended.

According to the story, (click here to read the article);

“Swift has hired hundreds of Somalis -- as well as Ethiopians, Eritreans, Sudanese, Cameroonians and Congolese -- in the past two years. The company's recent addition of 1,300 jobs on a second shift opened the door to the African refugees who are legally in the United States. The Somalis -- about 1,085 came to Colorado in the last year -- have come to the United States under the United Nations resettlement program for refugees.” (Emphasis Added)

Keep in mind that Somalia is a backward, barbaric, and brutal 3rd world country, a breeding ground for and infested with islamic terrorists that are on a par with al-Qaeda

Apparently these are 1,300 jobs that Americans won’t do, at least according to the advocates of massive immigration from muslim 3rd world, disease ridden countries.

1,085 muslims that we don’t really know what their background is, we don’t know if they support, or participate in terrorism. We don’t know what diseases they’re bringing in, and yet we’re allowing them to handle the meat that you’re serving to your family and children.

But I digress.

On the afternoon of Monday, September 8th, JBS – Swift issued a company statement:

"Friday evening, a group of employees left work without proper authorization. The matter was discussed with their union representatives and the company took appropriate action. JBS Swift desires to accommodate the religious practices of all employees, which includes its Muslim employees, provided it can do so reasonably, safely and without undue burden.

JBS Swift works closely with its employees and their union representatives to accomplish this balance of reasonable accommodation and operational requirements.”
(Emphasis Added)

Brianna Castillo, a non-Muslim JBS Swift worker is quoted by the Greeley Tribune as saying; “The Somalis are running our plant. They are telling us what do to."

Joe Rios, another Swift employee, said he felt the Somalis were asking for special treatment and "taking advantage of our kindness" in America. He said "most of us at Swift are Catholic” and observe a month of Lent each year without seeking work concessions based on religion.
(Emphasis Added)

According to a statement by company spokeswoman Tamara Smid, “the company desires to accommodate the religious practices of its employees provided it can do so reasonably, safely and without undue burden.”

There had been tension between muslim workers and plant management for about a week after the workers had requested a special break to pray during the holy month of Ramadan.

Swift initially agreed, but then reversed it’s decision and denied the request on Friday, September 5th, apparently after about 150 non-muslim Swift workers protested the company's added religious break-time accommodation of the muslims. The non-muslims said that the accommodation is unfair to workers of other religious beliefs who don't receive similar concessions.

Several muslim employees walked off the job in response. JBS SA fired 100 of the muslim workers when they stayed out on Monday and Tuesday, September 8th & 9th and the Swift management said that violated their union contract and it amounted to an unauthorized work stoppage, so they were dismissed.

JBS Swift released a statement on Wednesday, September 10th after the layoffs were made:

"For the past week, JBS management has met with union leadership and local Muslim leaders to address the timing of our second shift lunch break. As a result of those discussions we adjusted the lunch period by over one hour earlier to address their concerns.

On Friday many employees walked off of the job without proper authorization. This action is a direct violation of our collective bargaining agreement. As a result, Union leadership was notified and employees were told that, pursuant to the terms of the collective bargaining agreement, failure to report to work when recalled would result in their immediate termination. A majority of the suspended employees returned to work last night and those that did not were notified this afternoon of their termination.

JBS is grateful to employ a multi-cultural workforce and works closely with all employees and their union representation to accommodate religious practices in a reasonable, safe, and fair manner to all involved."

I give kudos to the company for their initial reversal of the special treatment to the muslim workers, but after the lawyers at the ACLU get involved, and they will, pressure will be brought to bear by the Federal Government or brainless judges, and I believe the company will cave in and grant the special prayer privileges to the followers of the Religion Of Peace.

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