Thursday, October 04, 2007

"I Won't Wear That Pin On My Chest"

“Obama Stops Wearing Flag Pin”

shouts a headline to an Associated Press story. (Click here to read the full story.)

Obama was interviewed in Cedar Rapids, Iowa by KCRG-TV. He also told the television station that he doesn't like how the pin has come to represent patriotism in America.

Obama said "I decided I won't wear that pin on my chest," instead, he will tell the American people what patriotism truly is, and how to express it.

We shouldn’t be so surprised that he won’t wear an American flag, after all, he was educated in madrasas when he was young, and madrasas are infamous for teaching hatred for any non-islamic beliefs or anyone who is an infidel. I know Obama claims to be a Christian now, but according to the prophet Mohammad, it’s okay to lie, as long as it profits islam.

Sorry Abu Obama, but your true allegiances are starting to show.


Anonymous Sarah said...

This is the most stupid thing i've ever read. Obama has never been a muslem. And what the hell does not wearing a pin tell you about a person? Absolutely nothing! Here you have a guy who got a degree from Harvard and still decided to work as a community organizer in Chicago, a job paying as much as $10,000 a year, because he seriously wants to help this county in the fight against povrty! This is somthing that shows real patriotism, not whether somebody wears a flag pin or not!

7:08 AM  

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