Sunday, December 03, 2006

Muslim Aggression + American Acceptance=An Islamic America

Remember the six Muslim imams that were tossed off of US Airways Flight 300 at the Minneapolis- St. Paul airport on November 20, 2006? The plane was headed for Phoenix, Arizona. Reportedly, five of the imams were from the Phoenix-Tempe area, while one was from Bakersfield, California. The imams had finished up a conference and were supposedly headed home.

The original story reported that three of them stood and started praying in Arabic on the plane, and that is what triggered the forced deplaning of the imams. Of course, with minimal information being reported about the whole incident, the usual howls of indignation arose. You know, the usual Muslim whining about racial profiling. (By the way, Muslim is a religious term, not a racial one.)

Well it seems there’s a little more to the story.

Debbie Schlussel from published a letter from a passenger on that flight who witnessed much of what actually happened. Click here to read the letter and Debbie’s take on it.

I have no doubt that the intentional gloss over by most of the American news media, of this and other disturbing news stories of odd and suspicious behavior by Muslims, coupled with the apathetic attitude of so many Americans over events like this, is going to result in a deadly and devastating attack on America by Muslim terrorists.

No, this isn’t paranoia. This is a deduction by a simple man who walks around with his eyes and ears open. This is a deduction by a simple man who is capable of “connecting the dots” left by seemingly unrelated events orchestrated by Muslims in America. I’m not accusing the six imams of being terrorists, but I strongly believe they have sympathy for Muslim terrorism. Why else would they have acted the way they did at that airport and on that plane?

By aggressively demonstrating their Islamism publicly, Muslims hope to force Americans into accepting Muslim aggression. Once you accept aggression, you leave yourself open to domination.

And world domination is the goal of Islam.


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