Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Barbarians At The Gates

Last week, President Hosni Mubarak refused to support the Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank. A senior Egyptian official told World Net Daily that Mubarak vehemently opposes any Israeli unilateral withdrawal. Mubarak is afraid that the withdrawal will cause further anarchy in the west bank just as it has in Gaza.

The Egyptian official is quoted by World Net Daily as saying:

"Egypt is continually threatened by the anarchy in the Gaza Strip. Elements in Gaza have aided and abetted plotters of terror attacks against our land and sovereignty. A unilateral withdrawal from the West Bank could bring similar anarchy on a larger scale there and spill over into Jordan."

Then, King Abdullah of Jordan said:

"Such a unilateral step (withdrawal from the west bank) would foster insecurity and doubts not only in the Palestinian Authority, but among the rest of the peace partners in the region."

Gee, two Muslim leaders are afraid that a void left by an Israeli withdrawal will lead to anarchy and violence by the Muslim Palestinians. The Egyptians and the Jordanians are apparently afraid that they have become targets of Hamas and al-Qaida

Remember, in the 1970’s, King Hussein, King Abdullah’s father, waged bloody warfare against the Palestinians to force them out of the country after Yasser Arafat tried to overthrow the Jordanian government. In the eighties, the Palestinians were thrown out of Lebanon.

No one likes or wants the Palestinians. I wonder why? Could it be that all they seem to do is throw rocks and blow up innocent people?


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