Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Illegal Aliens and Vote Whores

500,000 in Los Angeles, 75,000 in Chicago 50,000 in Denver, 20,000 in Phoenix.

There were thousands in the streets over the past couple weeks protesting House Bill 4437. Some of them are probably here legally. Some are probably legal citizens, whether by birth, or naturalized. But many appeared to be illegals. I grew up in the bad part of my town, I can usually tell an illegal by the way they dress and speak.

Illegals have become emboldened because of the way their cause has been sensationalized by politicians of both major parties. Republicans are just as guilty as Democrats. Most politicians are vote whores. They will prostitute themselves for the sake of a few “latino” votes. (Whatever a “latino” is. I have yet to hear an intelligent definition of that word.)

Too bad ICE doesn’t have the guts to round up as many of the protesters as possible to check their legal status. I’m sure that a significant number of illegal aliens would be apprehended. They could then be deported. If ICE began doing that at every protest demonstration of H.B. 4437, the protests would more than likely stop. But of course, that ain’t gonna happen. The ICE Princess, Julie Myers wouldn’t stand for it.

I wonder if Julie Myers knows how many Muslim terrorists are coming across the border and classified as OTM’s (Other Than Mexican)? I doubt it. After all, her appointment to the position of head of ICE by President George W. Bush was a political favor to her uncle, General Richard Myers, then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

So, the invasion of illegals continues, and sprinkled among the illegal Mexicans are the OTM’s. Most of those who have the authority to do something about it either don’t care or are too dumb to act.

And the beat goes on.

Note: The Ice Princess title for Julie Myers is courtesy of Debbie Schlussel


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