Friday, July 01, 2005

Farewell Sandra Day O’Conner, Hello Messy Confirmation Fight

What will George W. Bush do?

Word has it that President Bush is leaning towards nominating current Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to replace Justice Sandra Day O’Conner. Scary stuff to consider. Gonzales doesn’t fill me with confidence. Especially with pro-life issues such as abortion, or issues concerning racial preferences, i.e., Affirmative Action.


“Supporters of a Gonzales nomination say that he would not be worse, and might even be better, than Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. But pro-lifers have voted for Republicans for two decades in the hope of improving the line-up of the Court, not of preserving it. To defend a Gonzales nomination on these grounds is to make an affirmative choice for three more decades of O’Connor-style jurisprudence. It would be to break faith with the president’s campaign promise.”

I agree.

We need change on the SCOTUS now, not more of the same.

NationalReviewOnline also wrote:

“The president has led an admirable campaign for a reformation of the federal judiciary. If he names a conservative nominee, he will have a battle on his hands. But it is a battle worth fighting. It is a battle he can win — and win in a way that lifts his fortunes across the board. Our bet is that it’s the battle Bush wants to wage.”

I hope NRO is right. It would be a battle that is indeed worth it.

As Carlos The Marine would say.

“No Guts, No Glory.”


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