Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Another Shooting Motivated By Islam?

Detective Michael Thomas
Brian A. Washington

On Wednesday, September 20, an Aurora police detective was shot and killed while he was stopped at an intersection in his personal vehicle. He was not in uniform but was on duty.

The police officer was Aurora Detective Michael Thomas.

It was announced yesterday on Denver television station, CBS channel 4, that the alleged shooter, Brian Allen Washington, confessed to police upon his arrest that he shot the detective.

He also told the police "It's OK, I'm federal, I'm with the nation." It hasn’t been established yet whether or not he was referring to the Nation of Islam. But when his mother was interviewed, she said her son had become "different" during the past few months and had been talking about the Quran, he also said he was god and that he wanted to go to Iran to become Muslim and become president.

The alleged shooter is also suspected of shooting at a fifty five year old woman who was in her car and stopped at an intersection two days prior to Detective Thomas’ death.


Blogger Michael said...

Its interesting that the theology and social programme of the NOI is quite different to orthodox Islam. One feature of the NOI is its racial separatism, which can encourage anti-white sentiment, especially against the police, who are seen as enforcers of "white dominance".

7:02 AM  

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